My Spanish Christmas Music Playlist 2017 | TheTribinTribe

Feliz Navidad everybody! 🎄

December is here and I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to listen to Christmas music non-stop without being judged 😋 Spanish Christmas music, that is!!! Follow my Spotify playlist to listen to all the music in one place, or check out the list below! 👇🏼


1. Feliz Navidad by José Feliciano

2. Mi Burrito Sabanero by Juanes

3. Blanca Navidad by Luis Miguel

4. Es Navidad by Marcos Witt

5. Noche de Paz

6. Alegre Vengó

7. Al Mundo Paz

8. El Niño del Tambor

9. Hoy Que es Navidad

10. Navidad, Navidad (Jingle Bells)

We want to give a big shout out to Lexie + David from Two Rivers Photos – they took our Christmas photos this year! ❄️ You should definitely check them out 😸

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Enjoy learning from these Spanish Christmas songs ((:




Hannah +Pipe

10 Spanish Words That are Difficult to Pronounce | TheTribinTribe

¡Hola Tribe!

We all have those words that we try to avoid because they’re just so difficult to pronounce 🙈 For me, I try to avoid words with too many r’s in them, haha. Pipe and I made a super fun video of him teaching me how to pronounce hard-to-say words.

Keep scrolling to watch the video!

I had a really fun time this past weekend working at a Fall festival with my job 👻 And the best part was that I was able to practice a lot of Spanish! 😻 There are quite a few people in my community that only understand Spanish, so it was really exciting for me to have the opportunity to communicate with them.

I was able to ask them if they wanted one of our free toothbrushes (“¿Quieres un cepillo?), and then I told them the colors we had (rojo, azul, verde, y morado). And I feel really confident that my accent was very good!

I only got nervous when one woman went rogue and started telling me something in Spanish 🙈🙈 But after I asked her to repeat it I was able to understand that she was telling me that she had had braces for five years, so no more for her (Yo tuve frenos por cinco años, entonces no más). 😋 It feels so good to successfully have a conversation in Spanish all on my own!

Below is the list of words that we used in the video. You can add these words to your vocab list if there are any you don’t know (: Watch the video to hear the pronunciation!

1. Extraterrestre: Extraterrestrial/Alien

2. Rompecabezas: A Puzzle

3. Ferrocarril: Railroad

4. Extraordinario: Extraordinary

5. Madrugar: To Wake Up Early

6. Electrocardiograma: Electrocardiogram

7. Locomotora: Locomotive

8. Axila: Armpit

9. Regañar: To Scold/Discipline

10. Guantanamera: The Title of a Famous Cuban Song

That’s it for today you guys! Don’t forget to check out the video – we hope it is helpful/entertaining for you 😋 Add some words to this list! Leave a comment with some words that you have a difficult time pronouncing.

10 Spanish Words That are Hard to Pronounce Video

Sincerely, Hannah

Learn Spanish Grammar: Verb Conjugation

Hola chicos!

Grammar is one of the hardest concepts for me to learn (even in English 😂😩) But that just means I’m going to work that much harder to wrap my mind around it 😃👍🏼

Below is a small list of words that I’ll be studying deeper into how to properly conjugate them, how to use them in a sentence, and what they mean. I’ll also be linking sources that will help us learn these verbs (: Enjoy + let me know if this has helped you!

1. Haber – to have (to have to do something)

– YouTube: senorbelles

– YouTube: ¡Vivatutor!

– YouTube: Learn How to Speak Spanish

So, this verb is used to express actions that have been or will be completed. + since it is used to form perfect tenses, it has to be joined with a past participle. (It is not used to express possession, like tener)


2. Decir – to say, tell

Senor Jordan


3. Dar – to give


– YouTube: Spanish Made Easy

Notes in Spanish PDF


4. Deber – to owe, must, should, ought to

– YouTube: senorbelles

– YouTube: Our Education


5. Parecer – to seem, appear

– YouTube: Spanish Teaching

– YouTube: Señor Norton

Okay friends, that is a lot of information for this post. These are the resources I’ll be using to help me learn these verbs. I hope they help you out, as well!

Tell me in the comments if there is a word that is not on this list that you are trying to learn (:
Adios! -Hannah

Spanish Vocabulary: Greetings + Introductions | TheTribinTribe

Hola, amigos!

Hoy es un gran día para aprender vocabulario. 👩🏼‍🏫

You guys, I’m getting so excited to learn more and more sayings and phrases so I can communicate with people better! Working at an orthodontist office, we have several patients who only or mostly speak Spanish. I have so many opportunities to communicate but I run out of words to say 🤦🏽‍♀️

So today I’m learning some new things 🤔, and also putting into long-term memory some phrases or words that are hard for me to remember. I used my SpanishDict app and wrote down the phrases I wanted to memorize.

👉🏼 Write down any that you don’t know so you can practice, as well.


1. What do you do for a living? | ¿A qué se dedica?

2. Where are you from? | ¿De dónde eres?

3. Where do you live? | ¿Dónde vive?

4. What’s new? | ¿Qué hay de nuevo?

5. Pleased to meet you. | Encantado de conocerte.

6. See you later. | Hasta pronto.

7. See you soon. | Nos vemos.

8. I will be right back. | Regreso en un momento.

9. I have to go. | Tengo que irme.


Vamos a practicar! Have fun learning these new phrases and try to use them in a conversation (: Chao!

Sincerely, Hannah

The Best Apps I Use to Learn Spanish + Tutorial | TheTribinTribe

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¡Hola mis amigos! Bienvenido nuevamente a mi blog (:

Today I want to share with you the three apps I use on a daily basis to practice Spanish. These are honestly a key part in my daily learning 🤓. These apps are especially helpful if you don’t have anyone at home to talk to in Spanish because to learn a language we need to practice every single day. + these apps make it easy (:

I want to encourage you to make it a goal to set aside time every day (however long you can) to use one or all of these apps. Practice is the only thing that will get you to where you want to be 🤗 (I’m reminding myself now 😋) Set realistic goals every day so that they are manageably accomplished. + luckily these apps are goal-oriented so you don’t have to think about it too much!

P.S. I’m not sponsored by any of these apps – I genuinely use them and love them!

1. Duolingo

This app is the one I’ve been using the longest and is seriously so wonderful. You start out with the basic levels and you unlock new levels as you learn. I like how they do a variety of learning techniques.

They also have a section where you can chat with one of their “Bots”. It’s cool because it gives you practice texting. (If you have someone you can text back and forth with in Spanish, that’s great, too!)

The only con I have with Duolingo personally is they teach you the “proper” Spanish from the Spaniard dialect instead of Colombian. Since I’m trying to learn the Colombian dialect, there are a few words that Felipe has to correct for me. So just be aware that there are some words that are not used in Colombia on this app.

I just started a Club on Duolingo! 😻 You can join in and we can help keep each other accountable!

2. SpanishDict

This is another app that I use but kind of in a different way. I use it more to memorize phrases that I will use in every day life. I press the menu in the upper left corner, and then press Phrases. That takes me to the Phrasebook where they have a bunch of categories to choose from. I like to choose a category, and then take a piece of paper (or index cards) and write down all the phrases I don’t know. Then it’s just a matter of repeating them over and over again until they are memorized.

I don’t generally like to use the word of the day or the email that they send with a new word, because Pipe says that most of the words are not really used that much in every day life.

3. Memrise

I just got this app recently, but it seems really good so far. It’s a storyline-based app, so you have to go through this space adventure as you learn. It’s really fun! (The only thing I’m not a fan of is there is this alien character that “evolves” as you gain points.)

I’m still learning about this app, but it is very focused on making the short-term memory into long-term memory. I think it’s very well done!

I hope this blog post was beneficial for you all! Please let me know in the comments if you use any of these apps and what you think about them, or if you have a different app that is your favorite.

Adios! Sincerely, Hannah

Learn Spanish with Me! | TheTribinTribe

I’m an American woman learning to speak Spanish from my Colombian husband and other resources. Follow along with my journey if it is also your dream to learn Spanish!

Hey there! My name is Hannah and I’m going to start off this blog post letting you know what “level” I’m at in my Spanish speaking/understanding abilities (: My desire for this blog is that, in my own process of learning Spanish as a second language, I can bring others on my journey and help them along, as well. To be a fluent Spanish speaker has always been my dream – I’m passionate about the language, the culture, and the people. I’ve also wanted to learn Spanish from a Colombian so that worked out in my favor 😛 My husband was born in Bogotá, Colombia.

I have been trying to teach my self Spanish for years, but have really been able to grow since being in community with other Spanish speakers. And I believe this blog will give me the discipline and motivation to practice consistently. If the descriptions below seem to fit your own level of Spanish, we’ll be starting from the same place!

Let’s dive in!


Verbal Comprehension

It’s sometimes hard for me to understand a general conversation that is happening around me, but if I’m spoken to directly and clearly I usually am able to understand what is being said. I can understand simple sentences perfectly (unless they are using words I’m not familiar with), but complex sentences I’m still having trouble with.

Reading Comprehension

I can read at the level of a 3rd or 4th grader. It’s easier to understand when you can see the word and have time to process it. I’m definitely the most advanced in this area.


I can say simple sentences. I try to speak as much as I can and then ask for help when I get stuck. The BEST way to learn a language, truly, is to speak it. As much as possible, every single day.

So this is my starting point from here on out. I’m excited to grow and learn, and to hopefully bring a few of you along with me! The following blog posts will be under one of these categories:

  • Vocabulary (Words, Expressions, + Short Phrases, Slang)
  • Grammar (Verb Conjugation + Sentence Structure)
  • Pronunciation (Read, Listen, Repeat Videos)
  • Resources + Learning Materials (Apps, TV Shows, Movies, Immersion)
  • Places to Go/Travel in Colombia + Colombian Products

Again, the Spanish I’m going to be learning is specifically the Bogotá dialect. So there will be some words or sayings that are not said in other countries.

I’m looking forward to this journey together!

Sincerely, Hannah

50 Summer Adventure Date Ideas in South Florida.


I just posted a YouTube video (you can check it out HERE) to give you fifty date ideas to do with your babe this summer! It is the start of our Scenic Summer Series, where we give you inspiration for making the most out of this summer with your special someone!

I love lists like this because it really gives you good opportunities to create memories together. One tip I want to give before I get into the list is to PLAN! Get out your agenda and write down something you’re going to do on the days that you both are free. Otherwise, you guys might stay in bed snuggling all morning (and there’s nothing wrong with that!) and never end up going out and doing the adventures you want to do.

In our video, we simply put a list of ideas. I want to go a little deeper in this blog post, though, and give you actual places you can go to if you’re planning to visit, or if you live, in West Palm Beach. Let’s get into it! (:

CAPTURE YOUR ADVENTURES! Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8 Instant Camera (Blue)


1. Go to the Beach | Riviera Municipal Beach, Juno Beach Park, & Blowing Rocks Beach.

2. Kayaking/Paddle Boarding | KayakKayak, Kayak-King Water Sports.

3. Snorkeling/Scuba Diving | Blue Heron Bridge Scuba, Pura Vida Divers, & Peanut Island Snorkeling Lagoon.

4. Road Trip | It depends on where you are. Personally, I think a road trip has to be a minimum of 4 hours. But, for example, we live in Palm Beach County and our road trip this summer is to Atlanta, Georgia. Choose a nearby state or city that you’ve always wanted to visit!

5. Visit the Zoo | Palm Beach Zoo, Zoo Miami, & Lion Country Safari.

6. Visit a Theme Park or Water Park | Rapids Water Park, Universal/Islands of Adventure, & Busch Gardens.

7. Go to an Aerial Obstacle Course | Empower Adventures

8. Hiking | Dyer Park, Riverbend Park, & Grassy Waters Evergales Preserve.

9. Visit a Nearby Town or City | For example, since we live in West Palm Beach we might go down to Delray, Fort Lauderdale or Miami for the day, which at most is only a couple of hours away.

10. Camping/Glamping | John Prince Park Campgrounds, Jonathan Dickinson State Park, & Peanut Island.

11. Visit a Farmers Market | Lake Worth Farmers Market

12. Try a Restaurant by the Water | Benny’s on the Beach, Frigate’s Waterfront Bar & Grill, & Waterway Cafe.

13. Play an Outdoor Sport | Go to a nearby park and bring a soccer ball, basketball, volleyball, etc.

14. Go Roller Skating or Long Boarding | If you have a long board or skates you can really go to any park, beach etc. You can also check out Palm Beach Skate Zone.

15. Host a Barbecue at a Beach or Park (Have a bonfire & bring instruments!) | Peanut Island, & Okeeheeklee Park.

16. Bike Ride | Riverbend Trail, Lake Trail, Dyer Park Trail, & Pinehurst Trail.

17. Visit a Museum | Flagler Museum, Society of the Four ArtsNorton Museum of Art, & Maritime Museum.

18. Watch the 4th of July Fireworks | 4th on Flagler

19. Rent/Take out a Boat for the Day (or go on a cruise!) | Blue Water Boat Rental, & Carnival Cruise.

20. Volunteer | Loggerhead Marinelife Center, & Habitat for Humanity.

21. Watch a Sunrise/Sunset | The best places are the beach (duh!). But to see the sunrise you’ll have to be on the east coast, and for the sunset you’ll have to be on the west coast. Unless you just want to sit out on your porch and watch it, but that’s hardly an adventure (;

22. Try a New Brunch Spot | The Blind Monk, First Watch, & Keke’s Cafe.

23. Travel to Another Country | Where do you want to go? Decide together where you will travel to. We already took our “out of the country” trip this year for our honeymoon :P.

24. Go to a Sports Game | Get tickets to watch a professional or college sports team! There’s soccer, football, baseball, basketball…

25. Visit a National Historical Park | Castillo de San Marcos

26. Visit a Lighthouse | Jupiter Lighthouse

27. Rock Climbing | Coral Cliffs, & X-Treme Rock Climbing.

28. Horseback Riding | Horse Riding Rental

29. Visit an Aquarium | Science Center & Aquarium, SeaWorld, & Miami Seaquarium.

30. Go to a Spa | Hand and Stone

31.  Run a Marathon | Palm Beaches Marathon

32. Go Night Swimming | The best places to go night swimming are in pools because you know there aren’t any creatures that might get ‘ya (;

33. Visit a Natural Spring | Devil’s Den, & Ichetucknee Springs.

34. Visit an Underwater Cave | Florida Caverns State Park

35. Rope Swing | Bob’s River Place

36. Botanical Gardens | Mounts Botanical Garden, & Morikami Japanese Museum & Garden.

37. Outdoor Festival, Concert, or Art Exhibit | Sailfish Marina Lobsterfest, Screen on the Green, & Shakespeare by the Sea.

38. Tubing (in the ocean or a river) | Palm Beach Water Sports, & Adventure Water Sports.

39. Boat Tour | Diva Duck, & Sailfish Marina Water Taxi.

40. Archery/Gun Range | Palm Beach Shooting Center, & Shoot Straight.

41. Drive-In Movie | Lake Worth Drive-In.

42. Mini Golfing | Boomers, & Putt’n Around.

43. Berry Picking | Tropical Acres Farms.

44. Visit a Vineyard | Sons & Daughters Farm and Winery.

45. Skydive | Miami Skydiving Center (this is where we went!!!)

46. Zipline | RushCube.

47. Arcade | Boomers, & Fun Depot.

48. Go Dancing/Take a Dance Class | Salsa Essence.

49. Indoor Trampoline Park | Sky Zone.

50. Go on a Roof Top and Watch the City/the Area at Night | In West Palm Beach, a great place is parking garages! Or you can go on your rooftop at home (try it, seriously :P)


I had a lot of fun creating this list! It makes it easy to find something to do when you have some resources to look at. We REALLY hope this list was enjoyable and beneficial for you guys. Please go watch our YOUTUBE VIDEO and give it a THUMBS UP! And don’t forget to to be a part of our Scenic Summer Series!

Also, we’d love to see your adventures this summer. If you post a video, tag us so we can feature you in one of our upcoming videos! We love you all!


Hannah & Felipe