35 Fall Activities List

It’s officially autumn in the United States and the excitement is definitely spreading! I created a list of thirty-five activities you can partake in to enjoy the season to the fullest. My husband and I live in Florida, where seasons are pretty much non-existent… but us Floridians are good at pretending! Time to get your Starbucks PSL and enjoy the cooler weather. Most of these activities require little to no money, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Get these ideas on your list and start celebrating this beautiful season!

35 Fall Activities:

1. Decorate your home for fall.

2. Go on a bike ride.

3. Visit an apple orchard.

4. Paint pumpkins.

5. Go to a fall festival.

6. Go on a walk or hike.

7. Make a pumpkin-flavored drink.

8. Bake treats for your neighbors.

9. Bake a pie.

10. Watch a romantic movie.

11. Start a new book.

12. Make s’mores around a fire.

13. Make a soup or stew.

14. Have a picnic.

15. Visit an outdoor market.

16. Stargaze.

17. Buy a new sweater.

18. Go to a football game.

19. Light your fall candles.

20. Have a movie night.

21. Grab a coffee with friends.

22. Bake pumpkin bread.

23. Spend a day at the park.

24. Learn the history of Thanksgiving.

25. Make a breakfast casserole.

26. Bring out your fall clothes.

27. Make a scrapbook or photo album.

28. Have a board games night.

29. Go camping.

30. Put together a puzzle.

31. Wear your coziest socks.

32. Rent a log cabin.

33. Drink hot chocolate.

34. Sit down with a coloring book.

35. Show someone how thankful you are for them.


That’s all folks! Hope you have an incredible autumn!



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