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¡Hola Tribe!

We all have those words that we try to avoid because they’re just so difficult to pronounce 🙈 For me, I try to avoid words with too many r’s in them, haha. Pipe and I made a super fun video of him teaching me how to pronounce hard-to-say words.

Keep scrolling to watch the video!

I had a really fun time this past weekend working at a Fall festival with my job 👻 And the best part was that I was able to practice a lot of Spanish! 😻 There are quite a few people in my community that only understand Spanish, so it was really exciting for me to have the opportunity to communicate with them.

I was able to ask them if they wanted one of our free toothbrushes (“¿Quieres un cepillo?), and then I told them the colors we had (rojo, azul, verde, y morado). And I feel really confident that my accent was very good!

I only got nervous when one woman went rogue and started telling me something in Spanish 🙈🙈 But after I asked her to repeat it I was able to understand that she was telling me that she had had braces for five years, so no more for her (Yo tuve frenos por cinco años, entonces no más). 😋 It feels so good to successfully have a conversation in Spanish all on my own!

Below is the list of words that we used in the video. You can add these words to your vocab list if there are any you don’t know (: Watch the video to hear the pronunciation!

1. Extraterrestre: Extraterrestrial/Alien

2. Rompecabezas: A Puzzle

3. Ferrocarril: Railroad

4. Extraordinario: Extraordinary

5. Madrugar: To Wake Up Early

6. Electrocardiograma: Electrocardiogram

7. Locomotora: Locomotive

8. Axila: Armpit

9. Regañar: To Scold/Discipline

10. Guantanamera: The Title of a Famous Cuban Song

That’s it for today you guys! Don’t forget to check out the video – we hope it is helpful/entertaining for you 😋 Add some words to this list! Leave a comment with some words that you have a difficult time pronouncing.

10 Spanish Words That are Hard to Pronounce Video

Sincerely, Hannah

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