Learn Spanish Grammar: Verb Conjugation

Hola chicos!

Grammar is one of the hardest concepts for me to learn (even in English 😂😩) But that just means I’m going to work that much harder to wrap my mind around it 😃👍🏼

Below is a small list of words that I’ll be studying deeper into how to properly conjugate them, how to use them in a sentence, and what they mean. I’ll also be linking sources that will help us learn these verbs (: Enjoy + let me know if this has helped you!

1. Haber – to have (to have to do something)


– YouTube: senorbelles

– YouTube: ¡Vivatutor!

– YouTube: Learn How to Speak Spanish

So, this verb is used to express actions that have been or will be completed. + since it is used to form perfect tenses, it has to be joined with a past participle. (It is not used to express possession, like tener)


2. Decir – to say, tell


Senor Jordan



3. Dar – to give


– YouTube: Spanish Made Easy

Notes in Spanish PDF


4. Deber – to owe, must, should, ought to

– YouTube: senorbelles

– YouTube: Our Education



5. Parecer – to seem, appear


– YouTube: Spanish Teaching

– YouTube: Señor Norton

Okay friends, that is a lot of information for this post. These are the resources I’ll be using to help me learn these verbs. I hope they help you out, as well!

Tell me in the comments if there is a word that is not on this list that you are trying to learn (:
Adios! -Hannah

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