Learn Spanish with Me! | TheTribinTribe

I’m an American woman learning to speak Spanish from my Colombian husband and other resources. Follow along with my journey if it is also your dream to learn Spanish!

Hey there! My name is Hannah and I’m going to start off this blog post letting you know what “level” I’m at in my Spanish speaking/understanding abilities (: My desire for this blog is that, in my own process of learning Spanish as a second language, I can bring others on my journey and help them along, as well. To be a fluent Spanish speaker has always been my dream – I’m passionate about the language, the culture, and the people. I’ve also wanted to learn Spanish from a Colombian so that worked out in my favor 😛 My husband was born in Bogotá, Colombia.

I have been trying to teach my self Spanish for years, but have really been able to grow since being in community with other Spanish speakers. And I believe this blog will give me the discipline and motivation to practice consistently. If the descriptions below seem to fit your own level of Spanish, we’ll be starting from the same place!

Let’s dive in!


Verbal Comprehension

It’s sometimes hard for me to understand a general conversation that is happening around me, but if I’m spoken to directly and clearly I usually am able to understand what is being said. I can understand simple sentences perfectly (unless they are using words I’m not familiar with), but complex sentences I’m still having trouble with.

Reading Comprehension

I can read at the level of a 3rd or 4th grader. It’s easier to understand when you can see the word and have time to process it. I’m definitely the most advanced in this area.


I can say simple sentences. I try to speak as much as I can and then ask for help when I get stuck. The BEST way to learn a language, truly, is to speak it. As much as possible, every single day.

So this is my starting point from here on out. I’m excited to grow and learn, and to hopefully bring a few of you along with me! The following blog posts will be under one of these categories:

  • Vocabulary (Words, Expressions, + Short Phrases, Slang)
  • Grammar (Verb Conjugation + Sentence Structure)
  • Pronunciation (Read, Listen, Repeat Videos)
  • Resources + Learning Materials (Apps, TV Shows, Movies, Immersion)
  • Places to Go/Travel in Colombia + Colombian Products

Again, the Spanish I’m going to be learning is specifically the Bogotá dialect. So there will be some words or sayings that are not said in other countries.

I’m looking forward to this journey together!

Sincerely, Hannah

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